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Love this game!

It’s a lovely game. Not too addicting but lots of fun.

I love it!

this is the best game ever invented thanks so much

Great game

The only complaint I have it that you see an ad after every game. This is the reason I stopped downloading games. If this would stop I would play this game all the time.

Enjoyable game; ads are KILLER

Had to delete the app because after every level, win or lose, there’s an ad. I just can’t handle it, it’s absurd.

Why does it make you go to the App Store and not let you play

This game is unplayable

Good but one thing

Love it except the ads not only that I feel offended of the fact that ads keep coming on up like this one ad episode and it includes sexual things and I really feel offended

Plagued by ads

Fun and addicting game play. But ruined by the ridiculous number of ads. Forces you to watch an ad when you open the app before even playing. Then every other attempt in the app it forces you to watch an ad. I’m fine with ad supported games, but the game is ruined when you spend more time on ads than gameplay. Could be 5 stars, but when you have to watch 6 ads to play 10 games, I’ll pass.

Very cool game.

Best. Game. Ever.

Simple yet challenging

This game depends much on patience and a good eye. Several times I’ve blown a level simply by getting tired of waiting for a good opening or by greed. It hangs now and then, which can throw off your rhythm, especially if you aren’t patient enough to pick it up again.


This game is soooo addicting!!!😝😝😝😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪


This is a fun and challenging game! I’ve only been playing a few days so I’m still waiting to see if it will continue to be fun or get too hard and become frustrating. Some of the other reviews I read before I downloaded it complained about too many ads or ads that were very long. That has not been my experience. After about Level 12 or 13, it started asking me to watch an ad to get the third star. I guess I can live with only two stars! LOL. and it finally learned that I wasn’t clicking on that so now it’s back to giving me the third star if I’ve played well enough. Give it a go..heck you can always delete it if you decide you don’t like it.


I understand the need for ads in a “free“ game but the amount of ads makes this game unplayable. Will not download another game by this developer.

Too many Ads!

I’ve noticed that some reviews are fake but whatever. The game is actually entertaining, at least for me. However the main problem this got a 2 star, is because there’s an ad for everything. Dear god I just go to the levels to see what’s next “BAMM” another ad, I’m like bruh you kidding me right?

Good Game, Many Ads

I will admit: This game is fun and addictive. I play it often, and I’m entertained. It’s simple and enjoyable. However... The game contains MANY Ads. I understand a free game needs Ads to gain revenue, or keep the game going. However, this game is chock full of Ads. After each death, selecting a new mode: All require you to watch an Ad. These aren’t simple, 2 second Ads. These are 30 second video-required interactive ads. Understandable in small portions, but becomes frustrating when they pop up every minute. You CAN go Ad Free for $1.99, but I am not willing to pay $2 for a simple game to be playable. I’d be willing to pay $0.99, but no more for a simple Ad Free addition. Overall: A good game, but tainted by too many ads.

Fun game but they wrecked it.

Nice job putting ads in every round. You get your ads, but you lose a regular player. Yay for you... right? Deleted.


A really great and fun game love it 😊[^_^]

Fun but a lot of adds

I thought this game was really weird but I ended up trying it and it’s so addictive really fun but there’s a lot of adds

Stress free

Stress free

Good god why the ads

There’s a ridiculous amount of ads in this game. Every single screen you press through you get an ad. Don’t know if this is just me but I’m deleting for this exact reason

Scale is out of balance

This could be a great game if I spent more time actually playing instead of watching ads. We all realize a free game needs sponsorship but, this is out of hand. When more time is spent watching ads than playing the game, it is no longer enjoyable. I will be deleting this game. P.S. making players “X” out of an ad twice is incredibly aggravating. I would rather not get the first “X” as I know, after I’ve tapped it, I’m still watching an ad and have to wait for the second “X.” You have violated the sanctity of the “X.”

Love it

This is such a good game.Its seems fun but it’s actually really fun and addicting.I love it I could play it for hours and hours and it wouldn’t get old.So I definitely recommend this game cause it’s super duper fun go get it have fun

Fun but...

Way too many adds

Good gameplay ruined by too many ads

I love the game. But it should just cost the $2 the no ad purchase costs. There are too many ads for the game to be playable out of the gate. However, the gameplay is worth the $2

This game is addicting

The title says it all this game is actually addicting like ya boi can’t stop playin this game everyday I can’t help but to play this game so yea👌🏽

I can’t stop playing

This is so fun you should make skins for it really like poop emoji skin

Too many ads

There’s an ad after everything and even before you start to play. Not worth it.

Great game

This is a fun time waster

Tons of fun

This game is incredibly simple and fun. My 19 month old son loves playing with the assistive touch icon on my iPad and the line pieces look similar so he has a blast playing!


You finish one puzzle and watch a 30 sec ad. Close the ad and another pops up. I understand ads keep games free but why not a time limit or something. You are being bombarded by advertisements the entire time and it’s hard to even get into the game.


So I love this game! But there’s Lots of ads and the different modes can be confusing

Buggy - became unplayable

Had an issue where the ball disappeared or bounced off the screen and became unplayable. Waste of time.

Love this game!!

This game is really good for when you are on a long car ride and have nothing else to do. Although it can get a little tricky it is still VERY fun.


I amazing probably b/c I’m better than u

Too many ads

If you Pat for no ads it’s great otherwise your stuck watching an ad every five seconds


Scale is definitely fun for me but there are too many adds especially if you don’t use money in apps and just can’t do no adds! Super fun but adds are annoying! And also the ball moves too fast! Like I said super fun!


Not enough ads in the game.

Ads, ads everywhere!

This game would be fun if you ever get to play it. Three ads in a row just to get to play is WAY to much. I can’t support or recommend a game that is that ad laden.

So fun

I love this game it just has WAYYY to many adds!

Ad overload

Waaaaaaaaaay too many ads. Literally after everything is an ad. No thanks, deleted.

Notification Nag

This game is pretty fun but the constant nag asking if I want to turn on notifications is annoying. This developer needs to fix this. I paid for no ads and that should include not nagging me to turn on notifications!

The best people in the world

I like it can you guys make up please


Scale is a fun and entertaining game. But like pretty much all games, the adds are kind of ridiculous. They aren’t insane but it is pretty annoying. But other than that it’s and amazing game and I think it’s a great use of time when ur bored to get ur brain thinking and pass time.

False reviews

it seems the majority of the reviews on this game are auto generated or they are made by people who actually played a different game. I saw somebody in the reviews talking about an overwatch or fortnite type of game they were reviewing, and that’s definitely not this one. scale is mediocre at best, and that’s if you can even manage to play it with all of the obnoxiously intrusive ads. don’t waste your time- that is, if anyone ever even gets to read this review since it isn’t fake or a 5 star one. good job, Good Job Games. you’re a fraud.

The Best Game Ever

If you like challenges than get this game I could not stop playing this game!!!!


Best game in the world


Awesome app!

Too many ads

The game was really entertains at first. The adds were bad at first then they got worse. They started opening up and redirecting me to the App Store and opening things on their own. They pop up after every level almost and some are over 30 seconds.

Good game to many ads

Fun game but having to watch an ad every level is ridiculous. If it wasn’t for all the ads I would have kept the game.

Addicting game but play on airplane mode

I love scale. It’s an addicting and sometimes rage inducing game. The only downfall is literally any time you fail there is an ad. You mess up on the first go? Ad. I recommend playing on airplane mode for a nice no ad experience as this game does not require an internet connection

Fake reviews...

I don't know if this is the new norm, but the fake reviews for (Please watch this ad to keep reading this review). This app is almost funny! Read them... most of them talk about another app or come from someone in (Please watch this ad to keep reading this review). the states with a username that is close to one one before it with Chinese characters! (Please watch this ad to keep reading this review). WAY TOO MANY ADS IN THIS APP TO BE USABLE! There are ads WITH ads! (Please watch this ad to keep reading this review). Get it? It's an avalanche of ads!!!

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