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This game is an amazing game and there are absolutely nothing bad. When I'm bored I play this game and I'm not bored anymore. I would recommend this game and u will love it.

Good game

See the game is good it’s great actually it’s very challenging I saw the ad for this so I decided to Check it out. But in the ad it said that only 1% could make it pass level ten... I made it pass level ten in like 5 mins so don’t false advertise your game because I’m pretty sure I’m not that 1% thank you

Good so far

Just got it and it’s really good, very few ads, and very fun

If your looking for pain, get this app.

Great reviews, great app, great quality, yet there is one problem for me. Sorry for those who actually like this game and sorry about the roasting I am about to do. This game is the worst game I’ve ever seen. Maybe not the worst of the worst but probably at least the worst of the games I’ve seen. it’s very boring and all you do is just drag a line across a shape and trap a ball inside. I need more excitement. Sorry for those who had to hear that. And people who are thinking about getting this app, I suggest you don’t, but if you want to waste your time, be my guest.🙃And by the way, if you actually do end up liking the game, don’t blame me because this is my review and not just me complaining. Just saying.


Pretty fun game and kind’v addicting but there are way too many ads. Every time I lost a game or finished a level a 30 second ad would pop up. Really frustrating.

so fun

fun but hard I love it so much and I can’t pass lvl 6!!!


WAYY TOO MANY ADS. you cant even skip them.

It’s addictive

Fun game

Less commercials

There are commercials whenever you loose it gets super Annoying


It’s a great game and very addicting but it’s like every time I fail there’s an ad. I understand your trying to get money like do a ad here and there not everywhere

Too many Ads

Once you get far into the game there's ads after each level. Not worth it tbh, don't bother downloading.

Awesome game

I love this game it’s so awesome and fun you should have 70,000,000,000 levels!!!!!

Is it good?? Read and find out!?

It is a really good game! It is also very entertaining! It keeps me occupied while having a fun time.


I got addicted super easily. I love this game! It is fun but challenging at the same time. 🙂😊 love it 😍


your ad is annoying. i’m trying to do whatever and your ad pops up. the ad itself doesn’t bother me, but when i try to exit out of it on the little “x” in the corner it takes me to the app store so i can download your game. you’re so desperate and it’s pissing me off cause i have to completely exit out of my application just to get out of it. you’re annoying. and you get no stars.


It’s a good game. I would give 5 stars if there weren’t SO MANY ADS! Every once in a while is fine. But PLEASE PLEASE don’t make us watch all of these ads! Other than that it’s a really fun addictive game! Thank u! 🤗🤗🤗


After every single game there’s an ad? Ridiculous.


this game is extremely bad and the adds make it worse i do not recommend this game


The the only reason I put 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the adds. I give this game a 98%.


Can u please make the ball a little bit more slower? And the last stage I think u should make four tiny balls that would just be amazing but it’s awesome!


Although this game is fun,the ads are consistently showing up and ruining the game.




Its so challenging for me,I love it!


Love this game


Fajna gra wciągająca i coś bym mógł o niej powiedzieć jednym słowem SUPER

I love this game!

This game (scale) is absolutely amazing. There is no glitches and it’s fun and challenging I do prefer this game. It is amazing to play when your bored like when I’m driving for quite a while or something the whole time I was playing this game. This game is a great game and you should really buy it !!!

No no sorry creators

So I will tell you what bothers me most ok so every time I failed there would be an ad what? Why??! I mean why pay for no ads when you still use ads to get free gifts?! And wherever I start to place the thing the ball follows! What the heck?! Those are only 2 out of many many many of the problems to this game I mean jeez I have no idea how anyone likes this game!


I was playing scale and it was awesome and then I put my phone down and turned it off and then scale restarted and I was actually quite far. It was astonishing and I really think that you need to fix it right away.

30 second ads

You have to wait 30 seconds to replay the game every time you lose. This ruins what could have been a superb game.

Best game ever

I was like this game is going to be so stupid but this is my favorite game I love it you need to downloads this game and it does not use up my data and I don’t need WiFi it is the best game EVER$$$$$$)!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a good game

It’s a good game... as the title would suggest it’s annoying... but fun


I fricken hate this game so much because there are way too many ads.🤬🤬🤬

Freezing up

Love the game. It reminds me of this game i used to play when I was little in the 90s. It’s nostalgic lol but it keeps FREEZING UP on me!

It is so fun

It never crashes and it’s not like bloons Td battles

Pretty good

I think it is a good app to kill time, but beware the advertisements happen every time time after you die.

scale review

I love scale, but the amount of advertisements that pop up on your screen is RIDICULOUS. I hate that it does that.

Absolute Garbage

There’s way too many ads and it bugs out a lot i recommend not getting this game because it will make you want to give your dog hot beef injections. Don’t play it

Love but Hate

This games is really fun but the ads are really annoying after every single time you play an ad comes on and you can’t even concentrate anymore.



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Great game!

No running in the halls. 30 seconds detention for you. When will you learn?

No I’m gonna

I’m still on level 2 and it makes me lose


This game has sooooo many adds a nd afer every gane a add pops up


There is ad after ads and it is so annoying


I love this game but the one that has the doubling balls gets annoying. 😒 because everytime I pass a Level it keeps adding 2 balls. But other than that it’s really fun but just need a change on the double one So I guess. If they fix the double part and make it a lil easier than I’ll make my rating a 5! 😁 it’s my opinion oh and when I’m playing levels it won’t let me earn those diamonds so just fix those two. So I hope everyone from around the world can play this 😜😃

Love it . . But

Love the game. I played a similar game years ago so was excited to find this. Like that you can rotate the cuts some times. Like how when you reach the goal it enlarges and you keep playing. What I don’t like is an ad after every round. Wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t the same ad almost every time. I really don’t mind ads. Have discovered some great games. But the same ad for two days is a bit over kill.

Good but needs to be fixed!

I was in a music class were we had to be quiet so my phone was on silent mode and BAM I hear a song and it’s coming from a ad from this game and they should really fix this problem! The game is fun but I Connor enjoy it if I’m worried it’s gonna be going off at random times.

Scale is awesome!

I don’t know why I keep losing.

Too many ADS

I love this game it is amazing but there are way to many ads I just want to sit there and enjoy a game without ads every 5 seconds!!😡



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