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I am the 1 %

The thing about getting to 10 was done easy boring game

Amazing 😉 game

I love playing scale it’s an amazing game I love playing it my dad loves playing it also

Awesome 😎

I think this game is awesome but... I think it is ok 👍🏻 too though

Crashes constantly

I like the game but constantly crashing dumps me back out at my Apple home screen.


I love this game

Too many ads

This game would get s 5 starvif it wasn’t for all the ads, they force you to buy a no ad thing for$1.99... you the hell wants to spend money on a free game?????

Not user friendly

Game play is addictive but every five minutes it asks me if I want push notifications and no matter how ma y times I say no, it asks again Once you go into “Modes” you are stuck I. It. There is no way back to the pure form of the game without deleting and starting over. The. You lose everything Fix the app and I may come back.


There aren't as many adds as other games I have played. I really like this games but there seems to be an add after every time you play. The only time I want/need an add is for an extra life for the game. It is a really fun game all around I would recommend it if you can handle add spam while trying to have fun playing the game.

This is cool

This app is so amazing and I can not stop playing this app

Good game but...

I’ve had this game for a while and I got to the game modes and I played the mode “split” I couldn’t get past level 19 so I skipped to 20 now after that I went back to 19 and it isn’t letting me get to the rest of the levels on split I just wanted to point it out because I don’t want to delete the app. Though it would be smart to delete it I just don’t want to get rid of the scores.

Advertisements, Advertisements and more Advertisements

Yeah this app is non stop with ads after almost every game, also sometimes the game likes to bug out and have ads pop up in the middle of a game...


it’s so relaxing and nice to play

Amount of ads is insane

I’m getting more ads than gameplay Lose? Watch an ad to continue, or quit and watch an ad because the game is finished. Back to main menu now. Prize available -watch an ad to claim. Want to avoid the ads and play levels? Lose a level: watch an ad. Win a level: watch an ad


It’s awesome, it a real time killer

Too many ads

When I fail a level and get the “would you like to watch an ad to continue?” Option and click “no” I end up getting an ad anyways, which is what I was trying to avoid by hitting “no”... you could get the same revenue from putting an ad on every 10th level because more people would keep playing for longer periods of time.

This game needs to have a hint or a video to help you through every level.

This game needs to have a hint or a video or something to help people through the levels cause that can be hard to do so


I love scale because I like braking the blocks.


It’s a fun game that people can enjoy nothing is really wrong with it😛

Love it 😍

Love it 😍 If I had to recommend a great game I would go with this one




They’ve gone overboard with ads


The game is fun BUT when you fail most of the time it plays a camersial anyways it’s absolutely steupid

Such a good app

I’m only on level two and I am in love with it.But can you please get rid of all the ads.Thanks


Very noice

Never get this game under any circumstances.

Would give zero stars if I could, but how can you play a game with an add every thirty seconds? (Not an exaggeration.) The game itself is about two stars, it has an interesting idea but not enough to make a whole game out of. But about the adds........there is one almost every time you lose. Even adds pop up WHILE I’m playing the game. I finally snapped and deleted it in about .02 seconds when I was about to beat a difficult level twice, when the game try’s to run an add then crashes.

This game would get five stars if not for its ads

Would you like some ads with your ads? Good lord, I’ve never played a game with so many ads before. You complete a level, ad. You lose a level, ad. And this game moves fast, so that happens every 3-4 seconds. The game is really fun and challenging. Too bad you spend 90% of your time watching ads and not actually playing.

Too many ads

I wouldn’t mind the occasional ad, especially if they were skip-able after a few seconds. But after every single level there is an ad that lasts for 30 seconds. Makes the game completely unplayable.


Too many ads in the game , really annoying


It keeps crashing! Like every minute!

Julia Mom.

I told you to clean your room Right now Missy ok Mom.

Ads are sooooo long

Ads between levels are way too long and require you to X out twice. Deleted the app

3 star

This game would be 20x better if it didn’t have an advertisement every 2 deaths. it gets agitating and annoying.

Fun game, but too many ads

Fun game, hardly any lockup’s at all, but too many ads.


I just got this game a couple days ago and I am already liking it. I think it’s the best game I have ever played and I have never had such a great challenge! Thanks for having a great game for me to play. Keep it up.

Ad sim

Ad simulator

Love it

It is addicting but so fun you can play it any time of day, it is fuuunnnnn


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I saw an ad for this game stating that only 1% can pass level 10. I took that as a challenge accepted and I downloaded the game. I played a couple times, getting the hang of the game. I never got higher then level 3. Once I got the hang of it, is when I started having problems. Around level 5 it started getting extremely laggy. A couple of times it closed out of the app. I got to level 6 and for no reason, every time I tried to touch the screen to play, it shot me to the App Store. After being directed to the App Store 10 times, without even clicking on an ad or anything, I was finally able to continue. The game was increasingly laggy and when I got to level 8 the game completely shut down. I see why only 1% can pass level 10 and it is not because of difficulty.






This game not as fun as it looks on the is very confusing and very boring. now it is time for me to go so if I were you,I would not buy this game

90 percent Ad, 10 percent game

If you like watching ad, download this game.

I love this game

I LOVE This game it is the BEST IN THE World. AND very Relaxing game. I recommend this game.

Recommends: SCALE

The game got me threw a 8 hour car ride to Indianapolis. I love it so much. The same for my brother who always wants my phone to play it.

Do not download this game

This game is so trash it cheat and it is aid don’t download this game or u would want to throw ur phone


The game is fun but for whatever reason after I get to lvl 3 it crashes.


It’s soooo great I LOVE IT

Good game but... Some suggestions

The game is really fun and addicting. Though pretty difficult. I rate it a 3 out of 5 because of the told and tons AND tons of ADS! EVERY TIME YOU LOSE THERE'S AN AD! IT'S AS IF, "Oh you lost, GET ADS AS A PUNISHMENT!" This game has millions of downloads but yet it still needs all those tons of ads?! They don't even let you skip the ad until the end of it.


This game deserves a five star review. It really is a good game. I encourage people to get it and play it. I also recommend the “No Ads” in-app purchase, because this game is just crawling with ads. Please tone down the ads okay?then I will give this game a 5 star review.

Ads after every level.

Like the game but don’t like watching ads after every single level.

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